A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek

A Fine Spotted Trout on Corral Creek: on the Cutthroat Competition of Native Trout in the Northern Rockies — the 3rd book in author Matthew Dickerson’s Heart Streams series published by Wings Press — was released in September of 2021. The author takes readers to numerous waters in Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, Bridger-Teton National Forest, with glimpses also into Yellowstone National Park and Shoshone National Forest. This work of creative narrative non-fiction is informed by natural history, ecology, interviews with biologists and fishing guides, and the author’s own expleriences fly fishing. Readers will meet several different strains and subspecies of native cutthroat trout and catch a glimpse of their beauty and importance.

The book was selected by Glacier National Park Conservancy for as the January 2022 boo-of-the-month in their Glacier Book Club. The author has donated all of his royalties to the Conservancy which supports the important work of Glacier National Park. Author royalties have been generously matched by they publisher. You can further support the conservancy by buying the book directly from the Conservancy Shop. Read some earlier praise for the book below.

“Dickerson is an engaging writer who does a terrific job of making us feel as if we are with him on his journey.  His descriptions of Glacier Park are true to the place. A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek, is a wonderful tale of exploration and discovery shared with us by a gifted storyteller.” -Doug Mitchell, Executive Director, Glacier National Park Conservancy.

“Call it what you will: Passion. Admiration. Maybe even obsession. Regardless, you can’t help but have Dickerson’s love of trout rub off on you. A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek is a fine tribute to an often-underappreciated native fish. (Only underappreciated by those who haven’t experienced fishing for them.) Dickerson, being both devout student and teacher of this subject matter and coming from the position of both seasoned angler and keen observer, is uniquely positioned to share his lifetime education on trout, interwoven with stories of fishing for native fish in wild places. A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek is a strong call to protect the fish we love and the places that harbor them.”  -Zack Williams, editor, Backcountry Journal and Swing the Fly

“An enjoyable and informative read that reminded me why I love cutthroat and cutthroat country so much.” Bob Mallard, Executive Director – Native Fish Coalition   

Scientific books about trout are common, and while edifying, tend to be dry and tedious. Books about flyfishing for trout are also widespread, but are all too often bogged down by the inexplicable need on the part of fly angler-writers to display their philosophical and literary acumen.

Matthew Dickerson’s book, A Fine-Spotted Trout on Corral Creek, On the Cutthroat Competition of Native Trout in the Northern Rockies, is a hybrid—walking the tightrope between a scientific treatise and a joyous celebration of flyfishing—and neatly avoids the pitfalls while accentuating the positive aspects of both types of books. Dickerson’s careful research and insightful explanations of the science surrounding cutthroat trout—the successes, the failures, the future threats—provide a remarkable lens through which the reader can see, and understand, the extraordinary journeys of cutts and their critical position within western ecosystems.

Dickerson’s obvious love of the fish themselves, as well as his flyfishing acumen help to make this book a solid, enjoyable read for any fisherman. His remarkable ability to describe the silence and patience and attentiveness that puts the entire watershed on display for a dedicated observer makes the book exceptional. -Pat Wray, author of Gift of the Grenadier