Matthew Dickerson: Manager, editor, feature writer.

Matthew Dickerson has written four books about trout, rivers, ecology, and fly-fishing.

Dickerson has also written for several fly-fishing and outdoors magazines (Northwest Fly Fishing, Eastern Fly Fishing, The Drake, Fly Fish America, and Backcountry Journal) as well as essays on nature and ecology (and sometimes fishing) for a number of other magazines and journals  (Written River, Creation Care, Books and Culture, The Other Journal, Middlebury Magazine).  He has been the fishing and outdoors writer for the Addison Independent since 1996, and in 2018 won the New England Newspaper and Press Award for “Best Sports Column of 2017” (in the weekly newspaper division.)

As of 2019, Matthew Dickerson has caught trout in a fly in 30 U.S. states, 3 Canadian provinces, and 2 European countries. He also spent 2 hours one day fishing in Idaho without catching a trout–and has not been able to return to Idaho since then.

Other Contributors 

David O’Hara is the co-author with Matthew Dickerson of Downstream: Reflections on Brook Trout, Fly Fishing, and the Waters of Appalachia, and also co-taught with him in Alaska in the summer of 2015 the class Essay Writing on Nature and Ecology: Alaska and its Char.  (Dickerson and O’Hara have also co-authored two other books together: From Homer to Harry Potter: a Handbook of Myth and Fantasy and Narnia and the Fields of Arbol: the Environmental Vision of C.S.Lewis, neither of which are about trout or fly fishing, though the latter of the two is very much about ecology, and both are about the importance of narratives.)
Middlebury College undergraduate students Kelly March and Connor Wood (class of 2011), worked with Matthew Dickerson in January of 2009 doing research for Downstream in Tennessee, Georgia, and Vermont.

Middlebury College undergraduate students Robert Seltzer and Gregory Woolston created the maps for Downstream.

Several students from Middlebury College’s Wilson Media Labs have helped with the design and upkeep of this site.

Thanks especially to the Middlebury College students who took Matthew Dickerson’s “Essay Writing on Nature and Ecology” class, taught in Alaska in the summer of 2015 with David O’Hara on “Alaska and its Char”, and taught in January of 2019 partly in Acadia National Park (and focusing on the restoration of alewives and salter brook trout.  You know who you are.