Review of Downstream: “Book Looks Downstream And Inward”

Thanks to Kelly Sprecher at Augustana College for a nice piece of writing about our new book.  Here’s an excerpt:

O’Hara, an associate professor of philosophy and classics, and his co-author, Matthew Dickerson, a professor of computer science and creative writing instructor at Middlebury College, did just that. They spent six years studying everything from the insects brook trout feed on, to the waters they call home, to the communities that surround them.

Along the way, O’Hara found himself thinking philosophically and spiritually about ethics and nature. He rediscovered how being intimate with nature could impact all facets of his life. And, while fly fishing with his family, he found similarities between himself and his children.

The result is a book that’s just as much about fly fishing as it is about the wonder of nature, the power of place and what it means to be human.

You can read the rest here.